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2/18/2012 - Synthesis of Dimethylmercury

    In the following years Edward Frankland continued researching organometallic compounds as he realized how much new chemistry can be harnessed from these studies.  In 1852 he branched into Mercury chemistry and then following into Tin and Boron reactions.  With these reactions he focused on simple methyl additions onto the metal creating a linear dimethylmercury through the reaction 2CH3X + 2Na + Hg → (CH3)2Hg + 2NaX.  This dimethylmercury compound is extremely toxic, to the degree that one drop on a latex glove will absorb through and  absorbs into the skin and months later the fatality takes over.  And as stated before he transcended these alkylhalide reactions into adding different R groups onto Hg, Sn, and B.

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