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2/28/2012 - Synthesis of Organochlorosilanes

   Again following the history of organometallics, a very important duo comes into the scene Charles Friedel, and James Mason Crafts (the brains behind the technology of Friedel-Crafts reactions) and harnessed their chemistry to the production of organochlorosilanes.  These molecules create the very important bond between a Carbon and a Silicon atom in many different mole ratios (up to 4 different Carbon-Silicon bonds around the silicon center).  The way this reaction is performed is through the addition between a silicon tetrachloride and a alkylzinc compound to produce the organochlorosilane and a zinc chloride salt.

SiCl4 + (k/2)ZnR2 →   RkSiCl4-k + (k/2)ZnCl2

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