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2/26/2011 - Synthesis of Tetraethyllead

   Again, I apologize for the delay in posting due to my ailments, but I shall remain posting in the theme of organometallic history.  Just as a disclaimer, most of the information for these posts I have been gathering from Elshenbroich and Salzer's Organometallics 2nd Eddition.  Following this chronology brings us to two other chemists studying in 1852, Carl Jacob Löwig (discoverer of the element bromine) and Eduard Schweizer.  While studying lead organometallics in Zürich, they became the first to prepare tetraethyllead by using ethyliodide and an allow of Sodium and Lead (much like the Frankland synthesis).

4NaPb + 4(C2H5) → (C2H5)4Pb + 4Na + 3Pb
   Following this synthesis they continued to produce (C2H5)3Sb and (C2H5)3Bi

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